nfl jersey sales ‘Mummy it’s a blue sheep’ spots Potterne girl

nfl cheap china jerseys ‘Mummy it’s a blue sheep’ spots Potterne girl

Ten year old Mary Edwards could hardly believe her eyes when she got home from school and saw a bright blue sheep in the field opposite her home in Potterne.

Mary, a pupil at Holy Trinity Primary in Great Cheverell, ran to get the digital camera she had been given as a Christmas present and took a photograph, which she sent to the Gazette.

Her mum, Ruth, said: “I didn’t know what she was doing until she asked me, how do you spell Gazette? The whole thing about sending the picture to the paper was her idea.”

Mary was alerted to the sheep by her six year old sister Sally. “We were pulling into the drive when my sister said: ‘Mummy, there’s a blue animal in our field.’ We parked the car and I ran inside to get my camera.

“Sometimes animals get a small patch of colour on their backs when the farmer is sorting them into groups. Instead, the sheep was completely blue. I really thought this was peculiar.”

The sheep belongs to Bromham shepherd Chris Farnsworth who uses his flock in team building events for companies and groups.

He said: “I was doing an event in Cardiff and the people I was doing it for are big supporters of the Cardiff Blues rugby team, so I sprayed one of the sheep blue.

“It is completely harmless. It is the sort of dye farmers use to mark their sheep.”

In Mr Farnsworth’s events the participants replace sheep dogs and have to herd the animals into a pen.

Mr Farnsworth said: “They have to work together or the sheep end up all over the place.”

Mary’s dad Rob, who sells agricultural machinery, said: “Mary was born in the village, which means that officially she is a Potterne Baa Lamb. It is quite an honour.”

Anyone born within the boundaries of Potterne parish have traditionally been known as Potterne Baa Lambs as the area was once well known for rearing sheep for the wool trade.
nfl jersey sales 'Mummy it's a blue sheep' spots Potterne girl