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Chase Walker, owner of The Lost Reserve, sets up his store inside one of the new pods at theLocal located on the corner of North Shannon St. and W. Lafayette St. in downtown Jackson.(Photo: KENNETH CUMMINGS/The Jackson Sun)Buy PhototheLOCAL a new micro retail downtown development hasofficially opened its doors for business.

theLOCAL,located on the corner of Shannon Street and Lafayette Street, is home to four startup businesses, including Indigo Scents Candle Company and The Lost Reserve.

Matt Altobell, executive director of the Jackson Downtown Development Corp., said the goal of theLOCALis to transform the former vacant lot into a “retail hub” and for the businesses to grow so they can open a storefront downtown.

Indigo Scents Candle CompanyChristal King has been a licensed cosmetologist for 25 years but five years ago stopped doing hair full time after having back problems.

King said after that she decided to learn how to craft products such as soaps and candles.

She started selling her products with encouragement from her husband L. Leon King under the name Indigo Scents Candle Company at the Farmers Market in Memphis, before eventually moving to the Farmers Market in Jackson.

Indigo Scents’ products include candles, wax melts, bath bombs, soap, and room and body sprays.

“In Memphis, I was gaining customers and building a customer base, but they weren’t local,” she said. “Here, my customer base is local I can reach out to them. I have the opportunity to customize products for them.”

When she first heard about theLOCAL,King said she thought it would be a great opportunity to open her own store without the expenseof opening a storefront in downtown Jackson.

“With the rent prices, it’s hard for a small business especially if you have a decent customer basebut not a large base,” King said. “Even though theLOCALwill not give me the space to make my products, at least I won’t have everything made and spaced in the same house.”

King said she loves creating things people can enjoy and help them “destress.”

“I like the smile on a customer’s face saying, ‘I loved that’and it makes me feel good that I’m creating something that people can fall in love with,” King said. Saturdays.

The Lost ReserveChase Walker was drawn to vintage clothing because it was different from what his college classmates at University of Memphis Lambuth were wearing.

After many trips to Goodwill, he soon had a large collection of vintage clothing, and after starting to sell vintage clothes online at a nice profit he dropped out of college to focus on his company, The Lost Reserve.

Walker said searching for vintage clothing is like “a treasure hunt”because you never know what you will find.

“I’ve had days where I would go in there and I won’t find anything, but I’ll have a day where I find a 1980s Pink Floyd shirt and sell it for $300 online that day,” Walker said.

Walker said there will be at least 20 to 30 new items every week.

The Lost Reserve will have home dcor, records and hats in the future, Walker said.

Walker first heard about theLOCALthrough his sister who works at TLM, and she showed him the application online;he applied and was picked as one of the first tenants.

“Everything just fell into place,” he said.

Walker said being one of the first tenants at theLOCALis something that still amazes him, and thanked JDDC for giving him the opportunity.

“I never thought I would own my own shop;being one of the first businesses here,I’ll never forget it,” he said. “This is going to further my business, and I have bigger plans than this. This is just the start of everything.”
mighty ducks jerseys cheap 'theLOCAL' gives a hand to startup businesses