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Another successful weekend for Ernestown Barracuda swimmer Nick Vanderschoor. Henderson Recreation complex on Jan. 21.

Lydia Vandenengel, 10, accomplished the same feat in her home pool, winning all four of her swims in the one day meet. First year swimmer Jakob Tulk, 10, also won all four of his races.

Novice swimmer Grace MacArthur, 10, and Katrina Harmann, 12, both had two first place finishes. Ten year olds Andy Cai, Callum Edwards, and Taylor Howe and Logan Clancy, 11, Nathan Little, 11, Luke Tulk, 12, all took home at least one red ribbon.

Other junior swimmers that had at least one top three finish include Dru Pierson, Lauren Dowling, Kaliah Barker, Willem Day, Rhys Partridge,
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Lillian Crowder, Julia White, Tim Lee and Josiah Ascough.

In the Senior division, Hannah Sutherland, 16, had four wins in four races. Carolyn, 13, Poucher came in first in three of her races, Madison Edgar, 14, came in first in two of her swims.

Other EBSC senior swimmers who won at least one of their races at the home pool include, Sarah Rebec, Andie Rose LeDoux, Chad Coleman,. Matthew Suo, Charlotte Mace, Nick Hartmann, Sean Ditmore, Bronwyn Crawford, and Courtney Buchanan.

Meanwhile a handful of senior swimmers participated in the Ontario Cup held at the University of Toronto on Saturday and Sunday. Amanda MacCormack posted the best result, finishing 20th in the 100 Backstroke with a 1:09:03. MacCormack was joined by Kristin Buchanan, Emanuelle Delaney,
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Brianna Coens and Jesse Thomas. More than 40 teams from around the province particated at that event.