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Without being biased and dumping my previous dislikes about Gauhar, I think, she was the best during the last task of Commandos. She was the only one in the house who used her brain, unlike Ajaj, who was the 1st one to jump and negotiate. Good job Gauhar. For me the worse player during this task was Kamya aka General Sahiba. Someone please explain that what was the need for a General to enter the house during the attack and that too, just to deliver the medication for Pratyusha. She was the one who made her team loose. Not the other way around. Last but not the least, Ajaj, 1st you tried to suck up with Salman by playing the Khan card, did not work, then you tried to sell hard that I will rock the house when I enter, did not work and yesterday you bluntly lied when you were talking with Pratyusha by saying that Sofia asked you that home come your wife is living with you. She did not say that. Dude stop hitting under the belt. For me you are Male Pratyusha. You should now be known as Pajaj(Praryusha+Ajaj). For example. gauhar dint want to be general. kamya said said that she was suppose to. Gauhar knew its a task and thats y dint react. For example, take this task of commando, they put Kamya in a situation then asking her 2 best and 2 worst alomst like “Jale par namak Chidakadna”. One thing . in the last nomination when Gauhar( who is first in Salman’s hit list ) somehow got escaped from the nomination, Bigboss asked Elie to nominate some one. as it was quite clear it wil be gauhar who will get nominated by Elie.

by Pradeep 11/15/2013 8:56:11 AM

There is a long list of Congress leaders behind Narendra Modi’s success

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nfl china jerseys nike Bigg Boss 7