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Children received free bikes in Ravenna recently at an event that also paid respect for the city’s safety forces.

The Chestnut Grove Arts District, in cooperation with the fire department, Catholic Charities and the city’s police department, refurbished about a dozen bikes recently.

Some of those bikes were given away this week to children who wrote an essay or drew a picture to describe what the police and fire departments meant to them, said Don Everitt, president of the arts district. The city’s police department provided about 10 of its best bikes to the effort instead of sending them to auction, and other bikes were donated by the community. Catholic Charities then matched the bikes with children who needed them.

Patrick Holland served as a bike repairman, teaching Everitt to work at his side. Together, the men repaired the bikes oiling chains, inflating tires, swapping seats and taking parts from one bike to use on another.

Paul Moore, owner of City Gardener and Florist,
nfl cheap jerseys com Bicycles paired with children in Ravenna
hosted a reception this week to distribute the bikes, treating children and their families to a cookout before letting them take a bike ride.

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Jayden Sinsell, 5, a kindergartener at Davey Elementary School in Kent, was the youngest of the recipients. His mom, Jessica, said her son drew a picture to get the bike. However, he wasn’t able to join the bigger kids on the bike ride.

“He knows how to ride a bike with training wheels,” she said.

Holland said some students at Kent State University have proposed the Riddle Ride, a loop that connects the downtown area with the Portage Hike and Bike Trail. Holland, a staff member at the Portage Regional Planning Commission, is helping the district apply for a grant to make the path a reality.
nfl cheap jerseys com Bicycles paired with children in Ravenna