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Collins returns from a six year layoff to make an exclusive appearance for top UK matchmakers Premier Promotions.

He appears at the Assembly Hall as part of a summer season of wrestling that has raised the bar for fans.

The Bristol born grappler, whose return to the ring is much anticipated, first stepped onto the canvass at the age of eleven and was soon making a twice a week forty mile round trip from his home to train at a wrestling academy.

“My parents were incredibly supportive,” Collins remembers.

“Not only did they willingly cough up the cash but they were always on hand to drop me off and collect me from the train station.”

On the eve of his inaugural amateur bout life dealt Collins his first career setback.

It came in the form of a broken collarbone and led to an enforced lay off.

“I hated being away from the academy,” Collins continues.

“I was counting the seconds until I could feel the canvass back under my feet.

“There was never any doubt what my future held was always wrestling or nothing for me.”

Collins, unsurprisingly,
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turned professional at the still tender age of sixteen.

It was in the same year, 1983, on September 23, in his home town of Bristol, that Collins made his pro wrestling debut in a match against Adrian Finch.

From that night onwards Collins was always able to support himself financially via wrestling alone.

But fighting at every opportunity lead to his second career setback. At the age of eighteen Collins had an operation to remove a kidney:

“It wasn’t any one event that led to my kidney being damaged. I can only put it down to the bumps and bangs my body was taking.

“Wrestling takes no prisoners. It’s a lot harder out there than it looks. Especially for the new kid on the block.”

Collins second enforced layoff took him out of the game for six months.

On his return he made regular appearances on ITV’s World Of Sport. It’s a time he remembers with fondness:

“I was new, young and fresh and wrestling the likes of Mick McManus. It was an unforgettable time and a part of one hell of a journey.”

Collins agrees that the pinnacle of his career were wins against Rollerball Rocco (British heavy middleweight championship) and Owen Hart (World middleweight championship).

“Both of those wrestlers were my friends,
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and it’s sad that Hart has since died.”

Collins became excited at the mention of his forthcoming show in Worthing:

“I recently did one small show in Stratford having been out of the sport for six years. I was pleasantly surprised at how it all came back to me.”

“I’d kept up the gym work, which is lucky as wrestling rips every muscle and joint tissue in your body.

“After Worthing I will keep my options open. But if you are going to return to this sport for anyone then there’s no better than John Freemantle (Premier Promotions). I’m really looking forward to this one.”

Catch Danny Collins at Worthing Assembly Hall on Thursday 30th August.

The season of wrestling shows runs throughout the summer on Thursday nights at Worthing Assembly Hall, starting at 7.45, and tickets, including special reserved ringside seats, are available from the Box Office on (01903) 206206.
discount youth nfl jerseys Best In British Wrestling Heads For Worthing