detroit red wings jerseys cheap A case for the Robin Hood tax

jersey display case cheap A case for the Robin Hood tax

In a world where the Chamber of Commerce and corporate lobby continually propose more taxes and less corporate taxes, a 0.5 per cent tax on financial transactions seems simple.

More money is gambled daily in the casino of Wall Street than anywhere else. A small tax of one half of one per cent could bring billions of dollars into government revenue to pay for equality for the rest of us. Most Canadians are unaware of the trillions of dollars traded daily on the market. Huge computer banks record transactions by the second, and automatically sell or buy according to formulas. Dollars played on the market do not go to produce new products for people; they are used by poker players like Soros. Casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere rake in huge amounts simply hosting the game. The is always the winner taking a percentage of every game.

After the Second World War, taxes on the rich were as high as 91 per cent, and Canada regulated how much banks and pension funds could gamble with our money. Thatcher, Reagan, Greenspan and Ayn Rand in the 1980s promoted deregulation. This was hustled as corporate which unfortunately required nonexistent self discipline.

A small 0.5 per cent fee on each transaction would keep the game honest, provide transparency and help in replacing regulation. Canadian leadership could influence other countries to see the benefits. The next step taxing all profits made in Canada, keeping that money circulating here. Now, it the corporate middle man who makes it all. There needs to be high tariffs on products imported, to protect jobs that produce things by Canadians. Globalization, free trade has run its course and proved wanting. It is time for our Canadian government to do its job serving all Canadians, not just the gamblers and corporate hustlers.

What would you call the ridiculous fees Klein allowed the power and natural gas industries to add to our bills when he allowed deregulation? What would you call privatizing liquor stores allowing the private sector to raise the price of liquor by 50 percent in a very short time? Members of our family now own three liquor stores and making lots of money screwing the people out of their money. Alberta taxpayers lost the $70 million a year it brought in that was used to help pay for education and health care costs. What would you call privatizing the registration of vehicles and allowing the fees to go from $35. per vehicle to $85.00 the highest in Canada? Privatizing the issuing of drivers licenses, putting some of the worse drivers in Canada on our roads, as police officers said it would. Once again Alberta taxpayers were the big losers with the government revenues lost.

What do you call slashing Lougheed royalties down from 35 percent of oil royalties to a pathetic 3 percent and screwing the taxpayers out of $250 Billion while deliberating slashing health care and education funding to the bone? Of course , as we know that was done so the Reformers could try to force Albertans into privatized systems, just like they are still promising to do. It got them voted out in the last election and I don know any conservatives who have any intention of electing them again. Why would anyone, in their right mind, reward them for what they did to this province when you can see what other oil rich areas have accomplished with their oil wealth ?

Don is absolutely right it wouldn take much to raise enough funds to correct a lot of the mess we are in everywhere and the NDP government knows it. They have promised to increase taxes and royalties back up to where Lougheed had them when he was running this province properly. They can until this oil industry crash is over. It will allow them to pay off the extra debt the NDP is putting us in very quickly, while these Reformers convince their narrow minded supporters that they are creating an unsustainable debt. Maybe it would be smart to look at who created this mess in the first place, it certainly wasn the NDP and it why we voted them out, isn it?

great letter, don. the .005 tax on all financial transactions is the best way to ensure all pay their share, and to ensure enough money is raised to fund all of humane necessities. this idea has been around for a while, but it does not get implemented anywhere because it is too fair meaning, the wealthiest will not have their loopholes.

what this tax approach would mean for all of us is that income taxes and other consumer tax would no longer be in play the .005 tax would fully replace all that mess and fully fund our common expenses. imagine, no more tax returns; no more draconian, inept, and possibly corrupt revenue dep massive money saved in the cost of complex taxation systems overhead. alas, as fed up very often alludes to, the masses are just too simple to press for a good thing seems we prefer status quo, no matter how stupid that makes us.

We are sitting on a gold mine , far more than we would ever need to cover any taxes, as anyone who had ties to the oil industry knows , like I did 25 years ago. And we have been screwed out of our children heritage all thanks to Ralph Klein, helping his rich friends. Steal from the poor and giving it to the rich was his mandate. He was the greatest con artist I have ever seen , or known, and he certainly sucked in a lot of seniors and loved doing it. They have nothing but praise for what he did to us, as they wonder why they are so broke. I always knew when he was lying from the grin on his face.

Our problem was low voter turnout. A lot of the true conservatives had stopped voting saying that Klein was no conservative and they only voted conservative, my dad was one of them. For years were were told that the only people voting in Alberta were seniors, and they were the ones believing every lie Klein fed them, and that what we saw at the polls, and that what friends working at the polling stations were telling us. Only seniors were voting.

In the last election it finally changed and we began seeing younger people voting , they had had enough of this stupidity , and they helped us elect the NDP to put a stop to what these Reformers were doing to us. Most of us had never voted NDP but knew they had to be stopped.

As the former MLAs have been saying Jason Kenney is planning to take us back to the 1990s a lot more government cuts and a lot more privatization for the people to face. Which isn surprising as the Wildrose candidates have been telling us for years that Klein was a wonderful premier , but he didn go far enough, he should have privatized health care and education. And there are a lot of seniors out there who are dumb enough to let them do it.

Retired doctors tell us that their scheme for health care will likely cost every Albertan $300. $400. per month and will destroy health care services in rural Alberta. Their private education system will cost young families $1,000. per month, per child. In other words you would have to be a damn fool to support them.
detroit red wings jerseys cheap A case for the Robin Hood tax