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Tom Davies (Pronounced Davis) is 19 years old and lives in London. He finished high school last summer and wanted to do something “different” for his gap year, which is a British expression for the year many high school students take off before starting college. So, being an enthusiastic cyclist he decided to bicycle around the world.

“I’m often asked how and when I came up with the idea, and I have to say I’m not really sure. It wasn’t a sudden eureka moment, it happened over a while, and it was more the conclusion of a thought process whilst thinking up a way to combine cycling and travelling. Eventually coming up with this slightly ‘unconventional’ plan.”

So in January of this year (2015) Davies set out on his epic journey. Not only is he attempting to become the youngest person to cycle around the world, he’s also raising money and awareness for three separate charities: Prostate Cancer UK, The Sohana Research Fund and Carney’s Community.

So far, he’s managed to raise approximately $80 K, which is impressive considering he’s a bit shy, soft spoken and not big on self promotion not to mention the fact he hasn’t gotten much press. So why is he driven to accomplish such a feat? What inside him has compelled him to push his mind, body, spirit, soul and safety to such extreme limits?

“Quite frankly I am yet to think of an answer to that question. But simply put: with a love of cycling and wanting to see the world, it seemed the obvious adventure. I also wanted to give myself a proper challenge, to see what I was capable of.”While Davies is not absolutely sure if he’ll be the youngest person to cycle around the world, he thinks he probably is.”There are no official records of anyone younger who has done it. I’m aware that people younger than me have started on cycle trips around the world, but if all goes to plan, I’ll finish it at a younger age. I’m planning on taking around 200 days to complete the ride. The current record for fastest circumnavigation stands at 125 days, held by Briton Alan Bate.”

Even without being sure that he’ll capture the coveted title of”youngest person to cycle around the world,”he still wants to try. The Guinness Book of World Records stopped giving”youngest person”awards due to safety concerns, but Davies is still using their criteria for his journey. Here’s some of the Guinness World Record Rules that he’s intent on following:

1The same bike (frame) must be used throughout trip unless it’s damaged beyond repair.

2No drafting. (Using the air currents from another cyclist in front of you.)

3Start and finish points must be the same.

4 The journey should be continual and in one direction.

5 The total distance traveled must exceed the length of the equator 24,900 miles

6Use of private or chartered transport (including taxis) is not permitted.

7You must pass through two approximate antipodal points (opposite points on the Earth, For instance Wellington (NZ) and just north of Madrid (Spain).

So, what do you pack on a bicycle that’s going around the world? As little as you can. Here’s Davies complete kit list:
cheap real madrid jersey A Beautiful World Youngest Person to Bike Around the World