authentic jerseys cheap A Big Mac Blog chat with Janine Turner about the GOP

top nhl jerseys A Big Mac Blog chat with Janine Turner about the GOP

Sorry for the delay. It the kids. The best thing about being a parent is the ability to say why you late, etc. is because “Oh, the kids . you know how it is.” This alone reduces everyone else in the room to evoke empathy, sympathy, or suspicion, too. But no one wants to be the person to call BS on you having to take care of your kids.

With that . the great Janine Turner, formerly of the hit TV show Northern Exposure and the vastly underrated action flick Cliffhanger, is now a political talk junkie who lives just north of Denton on her ranch. was gracious enough to allow me to talk to her forever, and it could have been longer.

The Big Mac Blog: I going heavy politics; what was your reaction to the GOP debate last week?

Janine Turner: was a better debate than the previous one. I really thought Newt Gingrich stood out. I thought the questions were a little snarly.

The Big Mac Blog: Gingrich accused the Fox crew of posing questions; did you agree?

Janine Turner: agreed. But I thought he was the standout. I really liked the points he was trying to make; that we are getting off target. I think Fox was looking for a joust and that wasn necessary. He wants to get this country back, and this debt is ridiculous.

The Big Mac Blog: How do you define what are conservative ideals in today terms?

Janine Turner: a great question. The part I like about the Tea Party is that it not Republican or Democrat. They are trying to umbrella while making America fiscally responsible and fiscally conservative.

What is a conservative? This is where we are going to have to unite next fall. I think if we get hung up on social conservative issues then we are missing the bigger picture.

We must give Obama the pink slip to save the republic. It starts with being fiscally conservative. In my opinion, because we are so indebted to other countries, we just hoping it doesn lead to another economic crash. So much of our youth think Socialism is OK. The Big Mac Blog: Whether it Democrat or Republican, they have both added umpteen layers of government over the years; how do you get rid of that layer without it having an effect on the economy?

Janine Turner: is the challenge. Because soon we going to be like England in that our country is going to think it entitled. The government is supposed to work for us. The government is subject to us. I think it starts with education. One person really can make a difference here. It starts by writing your congressman or congresswoman and being more vocal. The Big Mac Blog: Do you think Rick Perry has a good chance of being the GOP nominee?

Janine Turner: think he has a huge chance. I a fan of Governor Perry. Looking at the field I torn about Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann, but I think Perry can bridge what all of the candidates have and be the best of all these people. He charismatic. He rooted in principle. He has a great record.

The Big Mac Blog: Will his affiliation with George W. Bush hurt?

Janine Turner: might hurt. It might. Big Mac Blog: Do you think if the GOP wins in the fall of it will be more of a mandate of, this guy out than put this person in?

Janine Turner: I hope. I hope it a mandate to get that guy out. The Big Mac Blog: How does a Hollywood actress become a right wing political talk show pundit?

Janine Turner: been a slow process. I was at Eagle Mountain Elementary School and my favorite teacher was James Ingram. We spent the whole year talking about the constitution and I just fell in love with it. I had been in Hollywood swimming up stream for years and I was a fish out of water. About 95 percent of people in Hollywood are liberal, and my dad is West Point. I didn go to Jane Fonda parties or anything, but I think I would have gotten ahead a little more if I was liberal, but I never did. I started this transition about four years ago. I self educated myself. I write for Fox and Politico. I was doing a podcast on my website and KLIF asked me about doing a show. Big Mac Blog: Why do this?

Janine Turner: I really do have a passion for it and to speak out about this country need to return to its founding principles. Big Mac Blog: Is this forum for you better than Hollywood?

Janine Turner: is. It more intellectually stimulating. Not to take away from entertainment because it certainly has its place, but this is more meaningful to me.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you have a favorite President?

Janine Turner: I think you learn from all of them. Van Buren started the spoil system. Andrew Jackson didn care a thing about the constitution. Teddy Roosevelt was anti business and anti corperation. This whole thing harkens back to the founding fathers. Jefferson didn want any military at all. I think, through all of these people, is learned the lessons. I don believe in too much right or too much to the left. I wanted it to be about balance, and fiscally responsible.

The Big Mac Blog: You say you a Fort Worth girl, how so?

Janine Turner: I went to elementary school. I didn go to school there, but I danced at TCU. I had my cattle (that she raises on her ranch) walk up the stockyards. And I got my start at Casa Manana, so I really am a Fort Worth girl.
authentic jerseys cheap A Big Mac Blog chat with Janine Turner about the GOP