reebok nhl practice jerseys a look at the best and worst NFL uniforms

denver broncos jerseys wholesale a look at the best and worst NFL uniforms

BEREA, Ohio The Browns debut their new uniforms on the field Thursday night in an exhibition opener at FirstEnergy Stadium.

To mark the occasion, my boss asked if I could assemble an NFL uniform power ranking. The request came by phone so I not sure if it was delivered with a straight face.

Unlike my stylish beat partner. Mary Kay Cabot, I am to fashion what Bill Belichick is to fashion. If it were socially acceptable I would wear a hoody and shorts every day. The only reason my wardrobe has evolved since 1994 is because my wife occasionally trashes clothes from my closet when I not home.

So to lend a whiff of legitimacy to the enterprise I enlisted the help of two titans in the industry, Kristy Eckert and Ryan Vesler.

Eckert is a former editor of Capital Style and former fashion columnist for the Columbus Dispatch. She now the chief communications officer at Flying Horse Farms, a Central Ohio camp serving children with serious illnesses and their families free of charge.

Vesler started HOMAGE in 2007 in the basement of his parents house after graduating in 2005 from Ohio University. He started HOMAGE as a way of communicating with people and as a means of telling stories. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer.

All three of us rated NFL uniforms from best to worst. We tabulated the scores and ranked them 32 to 1. The number next to our name on each team panel reflects the individual ranking.

Spoiler alert: The folks in the South, particularly Florida, won be happy.

Reed (32): The folks at Not to Wear could have a field day. No wonder Josh McCown had such poor year last season. Who can play football when your jersey number looks like an LED readout on an alarm clock? The logo is OK, but Buccaneer flags on the helmets are too big. The uniform design is too busy. Just a disaster.

Eckert (30): Seriously, guys, you are pirates. With potential for a fierce uniform. Instead, you added a sweet splash of orange, a modern font and the kitchen sink? More is not more.
reebok nhl practice jerseys a look at the best and worst NFL uniforms